WRPD Magazine #3 SPRING/SUMMER 2017 - COVER 2


COVER N.2 with JULIA at STARSYSTEM & TATTI at AQUARELLE photographed by ERIK PANOV. Fashion by STACEY BATASHOVA. Make Up by KATE MUR & Hair Styling by MARINA MOKROUSOV. Fassistant assistant by MARGHERITA KASIAKOVA.

SIZE: 240 x 300 mm
PAGES: 144 pages

WRPD Magazine issue 3 promotes dialogue between PHOTOGRAPHY + FASHION and ART.

"Building a spontaneous collection of eyes (visions), hands (words), noses (perception), ears (suggestions), mouth (freedom to express ourself). A mirror of creative worldwide souls, incredibly beautiful in their pure and authentic ideas. Believe in yourself, your innocent youth, your desire, your project, your personal emotions and start your itinerary, you need to feel so free and sometimes take the route you feel in harmony with because from unexpected things could happen the unforgettable ones".

• Amy Wright • Carlos Montilla • Carlotta Santigli • Clark Franklyn • Claudia Marabita • Emmet Green • Erik Panov • Giada Berardi • James Perolls • Kate Mur • Laetitia Mannessier • Lee Trigg • Leonardo Veloce • Marina Melentyeva • Marius Knieling • Miho Emori • Miti Kondo • Olimpia Rende • Rebeca Sueiro • Sasha Strovski • Sergio Esche • Stacey Batashova • Tamayo Yamamoto • Tetsuya Maehara • Violet Zeng • Xeneb Allen • Elisa Clarke • Yuliya Yg• Yun Nam Ho • Evgene Mokrousov • Julie Liu • Lucy Addy • Margarita Kosiakova • Robert Gascó