WRPD Magazine #4 FALL/WINTER 2017/18 - COVER 2


COVER N.2 with WILLY MORSCH at IMG MODELS photographed by ALICE ROSATI. Fashion by TESS YOPP. Make Up by VERITY CUMMING. Hair Styling by SARAH JO PALMER. Nail by YASMINE ELWAKIL. Casting Direction by TYTIAH BLAKE. Photographic assistance by YIS KID.

“Swathed in the silver snowflakes, floating lazily in the cranberry sky”

SIZE: 240 x 300 mm
PAGES: 140 pages

WRPD Magazine issue 4 promotes dialogue between PHOTOGRAPHY + FASHION and ART.

"Do you really know what does the word fragility means? For us, it means being just, it means being vulnerable, it means strength. Only by touching the bottom and coming to the end you realize you can be born again, and it is the place where your ideas are reshaped through your art or your words. Don’t be shy to share your tears, your sweat and your weaknesses with others, you are not alone in having them. The most interesting people are those who are not afraid of being who they really are and are not afraid to share their own story. Sharing is one of the greatest gestures of generosity and love.

The real success is being true to oneself even between the tears, worries and tender smiles."

Alec Iatan, Alice Rosati, Annie Lai, Anri Omori, Asahi Sano, Beatrice Marucci, Bobby Buddy, Candice Lo, Carmen Villain, Carole Douard, Claudia Marabita, Clement Louis, Concetta D’Angelo, Eduardo Casanova, Fabio Pittalis , Frode Fjerdingstad, Gabriele Cialdella, Giovanna Baseggio, Giulia Di Giamberardino, Kentaro Kondo, Khela, Leonardo Veloce, Lisa Marleen Muller, Luca Magliano, Marius Knieling, Michela Husanu, Olimpia Rende, Olivia Arnaud, Riccardo Maria Chiacchio, Sally Bourke, Sara Picciani, Sarah Jo Palmer, Serena D’Angelis, Sylvie Neves, Tess Yopp, Tytiah Blake Verity Cumming, Yasmine Elwakil, Yis Kid